Warranty & Care

Thank you for your support of Ethnotek and our partnering artisans through your purchases. We want you to have a great experience with our products, so if your question is not answered in the below responses please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!

Quality Guarantee:

We proudly stand behind the quality and uniqueness of our bags and accessories, but also understand the wonderful unpredictability of a busy life. If there is a defect in material or workmanship of your Ethnotek item a full refund will be issued to the credit card used to purchase the item less shipping cost. In order to see if your case qualifies for a refund, we kindly request that you send photos and a brief description of the defect to support@ethnotekbags.com

Our Warranty:

All Ethnotek items pair a long-lasting nylon main bag with a handmade natural ethnic textile component and due to the varying nature of the two materials and construction techniques, we must treat them as such! 

Each individual item is classified into two parts: All-Nylon Main Bag and Artisan  Threads™ which means there are different qualifications that fall under our warranty!

Main Bag

The main bag uses high quality, heavy duty materials and is designed to stand the test of time and can survive just about anything you can throw at it! Should it ever fail to do so, rest assured that it is always covered under a lifetime warranty and may be returned for a full refund issued to the credit card used in the original order of the product or a new main-bag less shipping cost if so desired.

Artisan Threads™:

We partner with artisans that produce 100% handmade traditional textiles that are comprised of natural fibers and dyes that are subject to everyday wear and tear more so than the main bag itself. We add protective backing and reinforcement material before incorporating the textiles into our products. Due to the element of handmade, natural materials used by our artisans, our  Threads™ are covered under a 1-year warranty. 

Our Artisan   Threads™ will age with you which we see as a good thing! We consider any fraying, fading or blemishing as a badge of honor or style point as if it were a well-earned tear or scuff mark in your favorite pair of denim jeans. 

Please note: Ethnotek is not responsible for any damage to the contents of your bag.

If you received the wrong product:
If you received the wrong product in your shipment, or are missing something from your order, please contact us at support@ethnotekbags.com. To expedite a resolution, please indicate your order number, as well as the item that was shipped in error or was missing from your order. We will process a replacement shipment and provide return instructions if applicable as soon as possible.

Product Care:

We are confident our bags are nearly bomb-proof, though every now and then they may need some extra love! Please see the below guidelines for recommended bag TLC:

Main Bag Care:

If the main bag exterior material or interior lining is spilled on or stained, use cold water, a very small amount of gentle detergent and a nylon bristled brush to scrub out. After scrubbing and wiping clean, open the bag fully and let it air-dry.

DO NOT put the bag in a washing or drying machine!

Artisan Threads™ Care:

To prolong the life of your beautiful Artisan   Threads™, we recommend applying a waterproofing or UV protection spray as you would to a new pair of shoes or boots.

Some recommended brands are Nikwax TX-Direct spray-on water repellent treatment, Scotchgard Durable Water Repellent spray,  and McNett™ UV Tech™

Always improving!!

We take any potential defect or personal dissatisfaction with our products very seriously and in order to continue improving our quality control and design integrity we request that you share any and all feedback that can help us achieve this! Without our amazing Tribe members like you, none of this would be possible!

Also, we know it is extremely difficult to break these bags so we’re sure you have an awesome story to go along with how it happened that we’d love to hear!

Send general warranty and care concerns to support@ethnotekbags.com.

To simply get in touch with the owners to share stories, suggestions, questions, new sourcing locations or simply to get to know each other send an email to hello@ethnotekbags.com